Unique Statements of Countries – Countries With Cycling – There is no doubt that bicycles are one of the most unique things that you can rarely find in this world. In some countries, a bicycle is still worshiped by its residents.

This can reflect that the country has very positive things, of course. That way, it will make us even more curious, right? Now there are several statements from countries that say that they ride cycling as a means of transportation because they have certain reasons and are very unique, of course.

That way, cycling alone is certainly able to provide and bring us to very positive things such as giving us health which has so many benefits for life. There is no way anyone would not want health. Basically, health is one of the things that money cannot buy and health cannot be obtained by everyone.

Therefore, take care of your own health so that in the future life you will feel more beautiful. So in essence, by cycling you can also feel these various types of health. If you don’t believe it then you can prove it yourself.

Unique State Statements Countries With Cycling

In the following I will tell countries that have unique reasons about cycling. If you are curious, then you can continue as below:

  • Denmark

Cycling has become a culture as well as a healthy way of life in Denmark. Parents with children can ride cargo bikes. Interesting right ? This happens because Denmark has very wide sections of roads, so there is no need to make special roads for cyclists in general. You should know that usually in Denmark alone there are more cyclists than people who drive cars.

  • Netherlands

The Netherlands is a very comfortable country for cycling. There are various complete facilities, even cycling is included in the school curriculum as well. If you think about it, the Netherlands itself is a country that has very rapid progress, especially with its sophisticated technology. However, if you look at the residents, they prefer to travel by bicycle. This happens because the reason is to make it healthier and the Netherlands itself has very attractive facilities.

  • Germany

Germany provides many interesting cycling routes. From rural to urban areas, there is everything. Apart from being used as an alternative transportation, cycling is also used as entertainment by people in Germany. There are more than 200 long-distance cycling routes in both rural and urban areas. For example a route along the beautiful Rhine River or exploring the City of Constance. Motorists can also explore wine-growing regions as well as special routes to remember Germany’s history along 219 kilometers.

  • Belgium

Like other countries, Sweden has a special cycle path that can be accessed from two directions. There are also special signs for cyclists to stay safe. Fortunately, the Swedish population can maintain order during cycling. Each person travels an average of 0.7 kilometers per day. In fact, usually everyone in the family has their own bicycle so they don’t have to fight.

  • China

Armed with smart phones, Chinese residents can easily rent bicycles. Even payments can be made via the cellphone. Although not as many countries as in Europe, the number of cyclists in China should be taken into account. This country combines a healthy living system with technological sophistication. If you want to rent a bicycle, people can do it independently by scanning the code on their smartphone.

So what do you think about the countries that have been described above? Interesting right. When will our own country be unique, such as using bicycles as a means of transportation when you want to travel not too far away. It can also make us all feel healthier, of course.

If that happens in our own country, there is no need to doubt that we will live in this world in a healthy era and can be felt by everyone. So start by using a bicycle while traveling, then who knows that later everyone will follow that and be able to create a new world by cycling.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you here. There are many more news and facts about cycling that you can find here. If you want more news and facts from your bike, you can also look for it on the internet, because the internet itself has various types of references available according to what you need.