The Reason Why Bicycles Are A Means Of Transportation – Did you know that the bicycle itself has been recognized as one of the public transportation in various countries around the world? Unique is not that bicycles are a means of transportation, if this is true then these countries can become countries with low levels of pollution so that they can make their residents healthy.

Therefore, bicycles are not a shame, usually people who use bicycles will be seen as poor people and cannot afford other means of transportation such as motorbikes and cars. Make no mistake, the bicycle itself has its own price value, even the price of a bicycle that has high quality can or is able to compete with the price of the car itself.

Especially for people who have a hobby, the price of a bicycle is not a problem for them. So this has become an arena of prestige for some people in this world. Do not want to ride a bike for fear of being exposed to the hot sun and afraid that it will be exposed to rain and will then be afraid of getting dust on the road

The bicycle itself has a lot of benefits if we already ride it. For example, we can get various types of benefits such as health, fitness and a clearer mind. So you should never underestimate this, with reduced pollution in a country, there will be a very healthy population in that country.

Bicycles Become A Convenient Transportation Tool

There are various types of reasons that you can get from some people who make bicycles an option for transportation. Some people say that the bicycle itself is their choice because they feel comfortable using a bicycle while traveling. Because with its minimalist and feminine size, you don’t have to be confused when you are on a narrow street.

They also ride by bicycle themselves because they are used to traveling not too far. Because by using a bicycle they can also get many things such as seeing the scenery and feeling the cool air around them.

Cycling itself can also be said to be fun for some people. Because they feel comfortable, they will choose their means of transportation by using a bicycle, other things they can get are also healthier. So don’t be surprised if they feel comfortable then they will not choose other means of transportation.

For those of you who have tried it for yourself, it is possible that you will also feel comfortable when you ride on a bicycle. You don’t have to feel ashamed for using a bicycle, because a person’s degree is not seen from the vehicle they have, but what must be seen as a degree is the behavior of that person.

Cycling Has Become A Culture

Then there is also someone who makes a vehicle called a bicycle this has become one of the cultures in certain countries. What do you think ? It’s fun isn’t it. If your country uses bicycles more than motorized vehicles and uses machines, it won’t be fun. The roads will become denser, causing congestion.

Very rarely do we meet countries that make bicycles as one of their cultures. That way, the country will be more unique compared to other countries. If there is time I would also like to visit countries that have culture by cycling every day.

So this will refer to a very positive thing because it will avoid the word that we usually call pollution. Driving using your own bicycle is also very safe because the speed level you have is still below average. So we can arrange for them to want to ride at ease and enjoy all kinds of beauty in their own country.

If riding by bicycle because it has become their own culture, there is no need to doubt how peaceful the country is. Because cycling itself will not cause noise from the engine. So the people around there will avoid accidents that can even cause death.

Has Fasitilas For Cycling Every Day

For this one, bicycles are used as an excuse as a means of transportation because the country has very adequate public facilities for those who use these bicycles. Maybe not all countries have facilities like this. In fact there are several countries with good governments, so these governments will provide bicycle facilities to their own residents.

Maybe you are curious about what facilities are provided, it could be like a special lane for bicycles and special traffic for cycling. So with this facility, it will be able to lift the degree from the bicycle itself. So this will be positive so that no one will feel ashamed or proud of using a bicycle.

By increasing the degree of cycling, it will be able to attract people to use bicycles as a means of daily transportation. Interesting right ? So there is no need to hesitate to cycle at your respective places. Because bicycles are a lot of fun out there in certain countries.

Cycling Because You Have Positive Things

Now, finally, because cycling can give us some positive things, as mentioned above, it can give us health, avoid noise will also keep the country far from the word pollution. Using your own bicycle as you know doesn’t need to use fuel so it won’t create smoke.

By cycling you can also get various types of health for each of your bodies. If you don’t believe it, then you can prove it yourself by riding a bicycle 30 minutes to 1 hour a day every day. Then you will feel very positive things in your respective bodies.

Maybe that’s the explanation from me related to the reasons people use bicycles as their respective means of transportation in every activity that will be carried out. Hopefully this little explanation can help you guys.

If you are still curious, there is much more news and information about bicycles that you can get on the internet. As you know for yourself, the internet is now very sophisticated. That’s all and thanks for you guys.