Mountain Biking Tips And Tricks During Rainy Season – Cycling is one of the things that is very fun for some people in this world. Especially cycling itself has many benefits that can be obtained by the human body. This can also be categorized as one of the things that can be called exercise.

Even for some people, bicycles can become their hobby, if you pay attention to Asia in the region of China and its surroundings. Bicycles themselves are one of the most frequently used public transportation, such as going to work, selling, delivering goods and even cycling as public transportation.

So there is nothing wrong if you spend a little time cycling every day, because there are so many benefits you can get by cycling. Especially by getting health that not everyone can get. For cycling alone, it doesn’t have to be in the morning, you can use your free time like in the afternoon or evening too.

Then for those of you who are really hobbies, you don’t need to ask again, surely you will use bicycles as a thing for adventure right? There is no need to doubt that you must really like cycling things like in mountains and even things related to nature and forests.

Mountain Biking Tips And Tricks

To get tips and tricks for cycling safely on the mountain during the rainy season, then you can continue this article.

  • How to cycle

The first key in mountain biking in the rainy season is that you have to really pay attention to body position, extra control and the selection of the path you are going to take. Then you have to do the brakes earlier than the usual season. Because in wet conditions the brakes will respond slower than dry conditions.

Avoid obstacle roots or wet stones against the surface. Following the proper contour of the rock or roots will maximize traction of the tire adhering to the obstacle and avoid falling due to slipping. Sometimes mud sticks to the bandage and builds up in the frame or fork. This makes it difficult to spur it back when it has stopped. Maintain the bike’s momentum, take advantage of several obstacles to pump, and reduce excessive braking that can cause the bike to stop.

  • Bicycle settings

Then you have to pay attention or can also change the system or settings on your own bike. Because the stones and roots will certainly be slippery because they are wet. The ground will also soften and even become muddy, so it will be very difficult to pass with a bicycle setting during normal times. Reduce the rebound speed of the suspension a few clicks and tire pressure a few psi to increase the grip and control of the bike. For maximum results, replace tires specifically for wet conditions and adjust some of the other features available on your bicycle suspension.

  • No Dig – No Ride

Different areas have different soil types, in areas with red soil types it will be very difficult to drive during the rainy season. The nature of red soil which is very sticky when wet makes it very easy for red soil to accumulate on tires.

Taking breaks or avoiding tracks of this type of soil in rainy weather may be the right choices. Rain that is too extreme is not always the right condition to practice hone mountain biking skills. However, softened soil can be used to make tracks.

Get your hoes and shovels ready to build new tracks or just add features to your favorite mountain bike tracks, cause no dig mean no ride, right? Apart from all the tips above, the condition of the bicycle needs to be considered properly after cycling in the rainy season. Mud and rainwater can easily enter the bearing / ball bearing through the sidelines of your bicycle headset or linkage. Regular service using professional services at a bicycle workshop can be an option for your favorite bicycle.

  • Clothes

The last one is clothes. Clothing itself is one of the tools to protect your body when riding a bicycle. Therefore you will need a raincoat or you can use a jacket that is waterproof. A waterproof jacket is very useful for keeping the body dry and warm. A warm body can help keep your body movement fit, so you can control the bike well on slippery terrain. Complete body armor with waterproof pants and gloves, if necessary, also use eye protection to protect the splashes of water that can make you slow.

So that’s the summary that has been explained about riding by bicycle in mountainous terrain during the rainy season. If you have often conquered fields like this then it is no wonder for all of you. If you are a beginner then you can take the positive side.

For those of you who are beginners, you can get other interesting things when you are riding a bicycle in the wild there. Hopefully a little explanation like the one above can help all of you. If you think it’s still lacking, then you can get other references on the internet.