Advantages of Hand Made Bicycles Compared to Factory Made Bicycles – As you know that bicycles themselves have various types of models and choices. Moreover, if you are a lover or have a hobby in cycling, this is not a strange thing for all of you. Surely you already know the various types on these bikes.

That way someone can say that they really have a hobby in bicycles. Lots of people who claim that they have a hobby of cycling, but in fact it is only for momentary pleasure. When they are bored they will not touch the bike again. This shows that not everyone really likes bicycles.

Then there are people who just follow the trend, when the trend is over, that person will not set foot on the bicycle pedal anymore. This happens a lot in various parts of the world. Because there are so many people in this world who just want to follow the trend to look cool in the eyes of others.

So from that, be a different person who really – really has that hobby and do not take it for granted. This can make you a wiser person. Because being a wise person is not an easy thing and can be done by everyone.

Advantages of Hand Made Bicycles

Well as below, there are advantages of hand made bikes which we will explain below:

  • Has An Element Of Artwork

If a bicycle is made using the Hand Made method, it will contain an art and can also be said to be a work of art in the form of a bicycle. In the level of difficulty that must be passed is also not an easy thing as we think, this will be one of the challenges for the makers. So that bikes made with Hand Made will have their own value compared to bikes made in the manufacturer.

Hand made is more of a skill and more of an art. Because the level of difficulty is extraordinary, especially for a triple bike it is very difficult. In addition, by choosing hand made bikes, we can custom according to our own desires.

  • Having Pride Against Bicycles

When we use a local bicycle, it will feel different than using a bicycle made in foreign countries. There will be a sense of pride using it because we indirectly participate in popularizing and promoting local products in our own country, including in the bicycle industry. That way you can also make things like become one of the businesses to foreign countries if your product is unique and will be targeted by people abroad because it has a unique and quality.

  • Has High Quality

If you pay attention, the bicycle with the hand made method or without the touch of the engine will have a higher quality than the bicycle made from the manufacturer. Because if you use hand made, every curve on the bicycle will be noticed so that it has high quality, good quality, and is different from the usual bicycle. This must be really paid attention to so that this bicycle does not have a negative impact on the safety of its users later.

  • Authentic & Limited

The last thing is that this bicycle has its own characteristics, in contrast to the mass-produced factory bikes, each hand made bicycle production is very limited. In the sense that each unit differs from one another both in terms of color and parts. Its manufacture also requires qualified skills. Meanwhile, the third hand made itself is more authentic and limited because it really relies on hand skills, accuracy and instinct. That he needs accuracy, if the engine manufacturer supports it.

Advantages of Hand Made Bicycles

Interesting is not the discussion this time? You can check this and see for yourself how the difference between a bicycle and a hand made and manufactured one. There are so many differences that you can see. Starting from the shape, structure, arrangement, and materials used.

Usually a bicycle manufacturer is only made with a mediocre model so that the shape that is made will also be the same. Moreover, the arrangement and structure, you notice that it is normal without any special attention. Because this bicycle manufacturer is mass-made, paying attention to each bicycle will take a very long time.

So that’s the difference between hand made and factory-made bicycles, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. If this article is interesting then it can be helped to share with your friends or family and even your acquaintance who has a hobby of cycling. Thank you for your time and if something goes wrong I apologize.