A Collection Of Films That Tell About Bicycles – Well here for those of you who have a hobby of cycling, you should also watch some recommended films from me. These films are mandatory for you to watch because this film has a very exciting story so that it can make all of you feel the excitement.

There is so much you can get from watching movies, right? You can relieve stress, release fatigue, and can also spend your free time. By watching it can also add to your insight so that the canteen is wider. That way, you can get some insight into bicycles with a film that tells about this bicycle.

If you think it is interesting then you can continue as below, I will give a little title and a short story about this bicycle movie. Hopefully these recommendations can help you make watching activities one of the entertainment when you are bored.

A Collection Of Films That Tell About Bicycles

Come on, let’s just go ahead without having to make small talk too long, please read the continuation as below:

  • The Armstrong Lie

So here you can imagine what it feels like to win the Tour De France tournament for seven times in a row is not an easy thing. But the success of Lance Armstrong in the world of bicycle racing must be tarnished by his own actions, this story that Lance himself used doping during a race in progress. Then all the titles he has won so far must be revoked and his fans or admirers turn to hate him. If it’s like that, don’t ever be sampled, because this will make you cheat and not compete fairly in a race.

  • Ride the Divide

The film “Ride the Divide” is about a 2,700 km mountain bike race. You who have just been around the complex already feel tired, right? In this film, it tells the story of a mountain biker because it is in a mountainous terrain. This film has been released since 2010, I guarantee this film will make you realize that cycling through the mountain as far as 2700 km from Canada to Mexico is not an easy thing. Just imagine how it feels, heat and thirst will be one. So this film is perfect for people who have high adventure hobbies.

  • Premium Rush

Then this one film is a film that tells a story in urban areas, different from the previous one in a mountain. This film was released in 2012 and is an action genre. This film tells the story of a courier named Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who uses a bicycle to deliver every item. One day he had to deliver a package to a woman. But he didn’t realize it, because the goods he used to send were contraband so that he had to enter a very complicated situation.

  • The Kid with a Bike

For this film is a film that tells about bicycles with the drama genre. This film itself tells about a relationship between parents and children, then the story of a child named Cyril who is looking for his biological father with his favorite bicycle. Try to imagine how sad that story is. From the short story, it can touch your hearts, right? This film was released in 2012. Not only that, this film also received an award at the European Film Award For Best Screenwriter.

If you already know the 4 films that tell about bicycles, which film will you make as your first choice to watch? Especially in the holiday season like this, then this is very suitable to be your friend in passing your free time if only at home. There are many more films that tell about bicycles, but the ones above are my best recommendations.

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