The Reason Why Bicycles Are A Means Of Transportation

The Reason Why Bicycles Are A Means Of Transportation – Did you know that the bicycle itself has been recognized as one of the public transportation in various countries around the world? Unique is not that bicycles are a means of transportation, if this is true then these countries can become countries with low levels of pollution so that they can make their residents healthy.

Therefore, bicycles are not a shame, usually people who use bicycles will be seen as poor people and cannot afford other means of transportation such as motorbikes and cars. Make no mistake, the bicycle itself has its own price value, even the price of a bicycle that has high quality can or is able to compete with the price of the car itself.

Especially for people who have a hobby, the price of a bicycle is not a problem for them. So this has become an arena of prestige for some people in this world. Do not want to ride a bike for fear of being exposed to the hot sun and afraid that it will be exposed to rain and will then be afraid of getting dust on the road

The bicycle itself has a lot of benefits if we already ride it. For example, we can get various types of benefits such as health, fitness and a clearer mind. So you should never underestimate this, with reduced pollution in a country, there will be a very healthy population in that country.

Bicycles Become A Convenient Transportation Tool

There are various types of reasons that you can get from some people who make bicycles an option for transportation. Some people say that the bicycle itself is their choice because they feel comfortable using a bicycle while traveling. Because with its minimalist and feminine size, you don’t have to be confused when you are on a narrow street.

They also ride by bicycle themselves because they are used to traveling not too far. Because by using a bicycle they can also get many things such as seeing the scenery and feeling the cool air around them.

Cycling itself can also be said to be fun for some people. Because they feel comfortable, they will choose their means of transportation by using a bicycle, other things they can get are also healthier. So don’t be surprised if they feel comfortable then they will not choose other means of transportation.

For those of you who have tried it for yourself, it is possible that you will also feel comfortable when you ride on a bicycle. You don’t have to feel ashamed for using a bicycle, because a person’s degree is not seen from the vehicle they have, but what must be seen as a degree is the behavior of that person.

Cycling Has Become A Culture

Then there is also someone who makes a vehicle called a bicycle this has become one of the cultures in certain countries. What do you think ? It’s fun isn’t it. If your country uses bicycles more than motorized vehicles and uses machines, it won’t be fun. The roads will become denser, causing congestion.

Very rarely do we meet countries that make bicycles as one of their cultures. That way, the country will be more unique compared to other countries. If there is time I would also like to visit countries that have culture by cycling every day.

So this will refer to a very positive thing because it will avoid the word that we usually call pollution. Driving using your own bicycle is also very safe because the speed level you have is still below average. So we can arrange for them to want to ride at ease and enjoy all kinds of beauty in their own country.

If riding by bicycle because it has become their own culture, there is no need to doubt how peaceful the country is. Because cycling itself will not cause noise from the engine. So the people around there will avoid accidents that can even cause death.

Has Fasitilas For Cycling Every Day

For this one, bicycles are used as an excuse as a means of transportation because the country has very adequate public facilities for those who use these bicycles. Maybe not all countries have facilities like this. In fact there are several countries with good governments, so these governments will provide bicycle facilities to their own residents.

Maybe you are curious about what facilities are provided, it could be like a special lane for bicycles and special traffic for cycling. So with this facility, it will be able to lift the degree from the bicycle itself. So this will be positive so that no one will feel ashamed or proud of using a bicycle.

By increasing the degree of cycling, it will be able to attract people to use bicycles as a means of daily transportation. Interesting right ? So there is no need to hesitate to cycle at your respective places. Because bicycles are a lot of fun out there in certain countries.

Cycling Because You Have Positive Things

Now, finally, because cycling can give us some positive things, as mentioned above, it can give us health, avoid noise will also keep the country far from the word pollution. Using your own bicycle as you know doesn’t need to use fuel so it won’t create smoke.

By cycling you can also get various types of health for each of your bodies. If you don’t believe it, then you can prove it yourself by riding a bicycle 30 minutes to 1 hour a day every day. Then you will feel very positive things in your respective bodies.

Maybe that’s the explanation from me related to the reasons people use bicycles as their respective means of transportation in every activity that will be carried out. Hopefully this little explanation can help you guys.

If you are still curious, there is much more news and information about bicycles that you can get on the internet. As you know for yourself, the internet is now very sophisticated. That’s all and thanks for you guys.


A Collection Of Films That Tell About Bicycles

A Collection Of Films That Tell About Bicycles – Well here for those of you who have a hobby of cycling, you should also watch some recommended films from me. These films are mandatory for you to watch because this film has a very exciting story so that it can make all of you feel the excitement.

There is so much you can get from watching movies, right? You can relieve stress, release fatigue, and can also spend your free time. By watching it can also add to your insight so that the canteen is wider. That way, you can get some insight into bicycles with a film that tells about this bicycle.

If you think it is interesting then you can continue as below, I will give a little title and a short story about this bicycle movie. Hopefully these recommendations can help you make watching activities one of the entertainment when you are bored.

A Collection Of Films That Tell About Bicycles

Come on, let’s just go ahead without having to make small talk too long, please read the continuation as below:

  • The Armstrong Lie

So here you can imagine what it feels like to win the Tour De France tournament for seven times in a row is not an easy thing. But the success of Lance Armstrong in the world of bicycle racing must be tarnished by his own actions, this story that Lance himself used doping during a race in progress. Then all the titles he has won so far must be revoked and his fans or admirers turn to hate him. If it’s like that, don’t ever be sampled, because this will make you cheat and not compete fairly in a race.

  • Ride the Divide

The film “Ride the Divide” is about a 2,700 km mountain bike race. You who have just been around the complex already feel tired, right? In this film, it tells the story of a mountain biker because it is in a mountainous terrain. This film has been released since 2010, I guarantee this film will make you realize that cycling through the mountain as far as 2700 km from Canada to Mexico is not an easy thing. Just imagine how it feels, heat and thirst will be one. So this film is perfect for people who have high adventure hobbies.

  • Premium Rush

Then this one film is a film that tells a story in urban areas, different from the previous one in a mountain. This film was released in 2012 and is an action genre. This film tells the story of a courier named Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who uses a bicycle to deliver every item. One day he had to deliver a package to a woman. But he didn’t realize it, because the goods he used to send were contraband so that he had to enter a very complicated situation.

  • The Kid with a Bike

For this film is a film that tells about bicycles with the drama genre. This film itself tells about a relationship between parents and children, then the story of a child named Cyril who is looking for his biological father with his favorite bicycle. Try to imagine how sad that story is. From the short story, it can touch your hearts, right? This film was released in 2012. Not only that, this film also received an award at the European Film Award For Best Screenwriter.

If you already know the 4 films that tell about bicycles, which film will you make as your first choice to watch? Especially in the holiday season like this, then this is very suitable to be your friend in passing your free time if only at home. There are many more films that tell about bicycles, but the ones above are my best recommendations.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. So bicycles are a very fun sport and can give you all kinds of positive things too. Stay tuned for other articles from me that will discuss about – about bicycles in today. If you are interested, then you can help share this article so that it will make me even more excited about making further articles.

If you think it’s still lacking then you can give even better suggestions. You can also get other information on the internet. Not only about bicycles, you can also get other things easily.


Advantages of Hand Made Bicycles Compared to Factory Made Bicycles

Advantages of Hand Made Bicycles Compared to Factory Made Bicycles – As you know that bicycles themselves have various types of models and choices. Moreover, if you are a lover or have a hobby in cycling, this is not a strange thing for all of you. Surely you already know the various types on these bikes.

That way someone can say that they really have a hobby in bicycles. Lots of people who claim that they have a hobby of cycling, but in fact it is only for momentary pleasure. When they are bored they will not touch the bike again. This shows that not everyone really likes bicycles.

Then there are people who just follow the trend, when the trend is over, that person will not set foot on the bicycle pedal anymore. This happens a lot in various parts of the world. Because there are so many people in this world who just want to follow the trend to look cool in the eyes of others.

So from that, be a different person who really – really has that hobby and do not take it for granted. This can make you a wiser person. Because being a wise person is not an easy thing and can be done by everyone.

Advantages of Hand Made Bicycles

Well as below, there are advantages of hand made bikes which we will explain below:

  • Has An Element Of Artwork

If a bicycle is made using the Hand Made method, it will contain an art and can also be said to be a work of art in the form of a bicycle. In the level of difficulty that must be passed is also not an easy thing as we think, this will be one of the challenges for the makers. So that bikes made with Hand Made will have their own value compared to bikes made in the manufacturer.

Hand made is more of a skill and more of an art. Because the level of difficulty is extraordinary, especially for a triple bike it is very difficult. In addition, by choosing hand made bikes, we can custom according to our own desires.

  • Having Pride Against Bicycles

When we use a local bicycle, it will feel different than using a bicycle made in foreign countries. There will be a sense of pride using it because we indirectly participate in popularizing and promoting local products in our own country, including in the bicycle industry. That way you can also make things like become one of the businesses to foreign countries if your product is unique and will be targeted by people abroad because it has a unique and quality.

  • Has High Quality

If you pay attention, the bicycle with the hand made method or without the touch of the engine will have a higher quality than the bicycle made from the manufacturer. Because if you use hand made, every curve on the bicycle will be noticed so that it has high quality, good quality, and is different from the usual bicycle. This must be really paid attention to so that this bicycle does not have a negative impact on the safety of its users later.

  • Authentic & Limited

The last thing is that this bicycle has its own characteristics, in contrast to the mass-produced factory bikes, each hand made bicycle production is very limited. In the sense that each unit differs from one another both in terms of color and parts. Its manufacture also requires qualified skills. Meanwhile, the third hand made itself is more authentic and limited because it really relies on hand skills, accuracy and instinct. That he needs accuracy, if the engine manufacturer supports it.

Advantages of Hand Made Bicycles

Interesting is not the discussion this time? You can check this and see for yourself how the difference between a bicycle and a hand made and manufactured one. There are so many differences that you can see. Starting from the shape, structure, arrangement, and materials used.

Usually a bicycle manufacturer is only made with a mediocre model so that the shape that is made will also be the same. Moreover, the arrangement and structure, you notice that it is normal without any special attention. Because this bicycle manufacturer is mass-made, paying attention to each bicycle will take a very long time.

So that’s the difference between hand made and factory-made bicycles, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. If this article is interesting then it can be helped to share with your friends or family and even your acquaintance who has a hobby of cycling. Thank you for your time and if something goes wrong I apologize.


Mountain Biking Tips And Tricks During Rainy Season

Mountain Biking Tips And Tricks During Rainy Season – Cycling is one of the things that is very fun for some people in this world. Especially cycling itself has many benefits that can be obtained by the human body. This can also be categorized as one of the things that can be called exercise.

Even for some people, bicycles can become their hobby, if you pay attention to Asia in the region of China and its surroundings. Bicycles themselves are one of the most frequently used public transportation, such as going to work, selling, delivering goods and even cycling as public transportation.

So there is nothing wrong if you spend a little time cycling every day, because there are so many benefits you can get by cycling. Especially by getting health that not everyone can get. For cycling alone, it doesn’t have to be in the morning, you can use your free time like in the afternoon or evening too.

Then for those of you who are really hobbies, you don’t need to ask again, surely you will use bicycles as a thing for adventure right? There is no need to doubt that you must really like cycling things like in mountains and even things related to nature and forests.

Mountain Biking Tips And Tricks

To get tips and tricks for cycling safely on the mountain during the rainy season, then you can continue this article.

  • How to cycle

The first key in mountain biking in the rainy season is that you have to really pay attention to body position, extra control and the selection of the path you are going to take. Then you have to do the brakes earlier than the usual season. Because in wet conditions the brakes will respond slower than dry conditions.

Avoid obstacle roots or wet stones against the surface. Following the proper contour of the rock or roots will maximize traction of the tire adhering to the obstacle and avoid falling due to slipping. Sometimes mud sticks to the bandage and builds up in the frame or fork. This makes it difficult to spur it back when it has stopped. Maintain the bike’s momentum, take advantage of several obstacles to pump, and reduce excessive braking that can cause the bike to stop.

  • Bicycle settings

Then you have to pay attention or can also change the system or settings on your own bike. Because the stones and roots will certainly be slippery because they are wet. The ground will also soften and even become muddy, so it will be very difficult to pass with a bicycle setting during normal times. Reduce the rebound speed of the suspension a few clicks and tire pressure a few psi to increase the grip and control of the bike. For maximum results, replace tires specifically for wet conditions and adjust some of the other features available on your bicycle suspension.

  • No Dig – No Ride

Different areas have different soil types, in areas with red soil types it will be very difficult to drive during the rainy season. The nature of red soil which is very sticky when wet makes it very easy for red soil to accumulate on tires.

Taking breaks or avoiding tracks of this type of soil in rainy weather may be the right choices. Rain that is too extreme is not always the right condition to practice hone mountain biking skills. However, softened soil can be used to make tracks.

Get your hoes and shovels ready to build new tracks or just add features to your favorite mountain bike tracks, cause no dig mean no ride, right? Apart from all the tips above, the condition of the bicycle needs to be considered properly after cycling in the rainy season. Mud and rainwater can easily enter the bearing / ball bearing through the sidelines of your bicycle headset or linkage. Regular service using professional services at a bicycle workshop can be an option for your favorite bicycle.

  • Clothes

The last one is clothes. Clothing itself is one of the tools to protect your body when riding a bicycle. Therefore you will need a raincoat or you can use a jacket that is waterproof. A waterproof jacket is very useful for keeping the body dry and warm. A warm body can help keep your body movement fit, so you can control the bike well on slippery terrain. Complete body armor with waterproof pants and gloves, if necessary, also use eye protection to protect the splashes of water that can make you slow.

So that’s the summary that has been explained about riding by bicycle in mountainous terrain during the rainy season. If you have often conquered fields like this then it is no wonder for all of you. If you are a beginner then you can take the positive side.

For those of you who are beginners, you can get other interesting things when you are riding a bicycle in the wild there. Hopefully a little explanation like the one above can help all of you. If you think it’s still lacking, then you can get other references on the internet.


Unique Statements of Countries With Cycling

Unique Statements of Countries – Countries With Cycling – There is no doubt that bicycles are one of the most unique things that you can rarely find in this world. In some countries, a bicycle is still worshiped by its residents.

This can reflect that the country has very positive things, of course. That way, it will make us even more curious, right? Now there are several statements from countries that say that they ride cycling as a means of transportation because they have certain reasons and are very unique, of course.

That way, cycling alone is certainly able to provide and bring us to very positive things such as giving us health which has so many benefits for life. There is no way anyone would not want health. Basically, health is one of the things that money cannot buy and health cannot be obtained by everyone.

Therefore, take care of your own health so that in the future life you will feel more beautiful. So in essence, by cycling you can also feel these various types of health. If you don’t believe it then you can prove it yourself.

Unique State Statements Countries With Cycling

In the following I will tell countries that have unique reasons about cycling. If you are curious, then you can continue as below:

  • Denmark

Cycling has become a culture as well as a healthy way of life in Denmark. Parents with children can ride cargo bikes. Interesting right ? This happens because Denmark has very wide sections of roads, so there is no need to make special roads for cyclists in general. You should know that usually in Denmark alone there are more cyclists than people who drive cars.

  • Netherlands

The Netherlands is a very comfortable country for cycling. There are various complete facilities, even cycling is included in the school curriculum as well. If you think about it, the Netherlands itself is a country that has very rapid progress, especially with its sophisticated technology. However, if you look at the residents, they prefer to travel by bicycle. This happens because the reason is to make it healthier and the Netherlands itself has very attractive facilities.

  • Germany

Germany provides many interesting cycling routes. From rural to urban areas, there is everything. Apart from being used as an alternative transportation, cycling is also used as entertainment by people in Germany. There are more than 200 long-distance cycling routes in both rural and urban areas. For example a route along the beautiful Rhine River or exploring the City of Constance. Motorists can also explore wine-growing regions as well as special routes to remember Germany’s history along 219 kilometers.

  • Belgium

Like other countries, Sweden has a special cycle path that can be accessed from two directions. There are also special signs for cyclists to stay safe. Fortunately, the Swedish population can maintain order during cycling. Each person travels an average of 0.7 kilometers per day. In fact, usually everyone in the family has their own bicycle so they don’t have to fight.

  • China

Armed with smart phones, Chinese residents can easily rent bicycles. Even payments can be made via the cellphone. Although not as many countries as in Europe, the number of cyclists in China should be taken into account. This country combines a healthy living system with technological sophistication. If you want to rent a bicycle, people can do it independently by scanning the code on their smartphone.

So what do you think about the countries that have been described above? Interesting right. When will our own country be unique, such as using bicycles as a means of transportation when you want to travel not too far away. It can also make us all feel healthier, of course.

If that happens in our own country, there is no need to doubt that we will live in this world in a healthy era and can be felt by everyone. So start by using a bicycle while traveling, then who knows that later everyone will follow that and be able to create a new world by cycling.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you here. There are many more news and facts about cycling that you can find here. If you want more news and facts from your bike, you can also look for it on the internet, because the internet itself has various types of references available according to what you need.


Benefits Of Bicycling For Body Health

Did you know that the average human body requires physical activity such as exercise in order to function normally and obtain good long-term health. For the type of exercise you can also set yourself according to your own wishes. If here we will discuss physical exercise on a bicycle, which is also the easiest activity.

By cycling, you will get various benefits for your body. The body will feel lighter and refreshed every time. Cycling can also keep you from various types of common diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes to mental illness. This type of sport cycling is one of the choices or mostly enjoyed by western people.

This is due to the culture of the people who prefer cycling when they go to work, and even statistically it shows that the reduction in fat mass when cycling is almost the same as exercising high-intensity fitness.

There are many other benefits that you can feel when doing activities such as cycling. So below are some of the benefits that you can read.

Benefits of Cycling for the Body

  • Stabilizing Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is very dangerous and can also be deadly for humans. Usually, this disease occurs in the elderly, but in an era like now many people have a young age. Therefore, the risk of diabetes is global.

  • Preventing High Blood Risk

By cycling you will get benefits to prevent the risk of high blood pressure. So by cycling, you can control your heart rate stably and reduce body fat and can strengthen your body muscles, especially your legs.

  • Prevent Heart Risks

Besides being able to prevent high blood pressure, cycling can also prevent you from avoiding heart disease. By cycling for 20 minutes every day it can help you to regulate your heart rate so you don’t feel tired easily and avoid obesity.

  • Lowering the Risk of Depression

You can do cycling in the morning and evening according to your free time. It can also help you stay away from depression. Even other benefits can increase the quality of happiness and comfort.

  • Increase Brain Power

Exercise using bicycles can be healthy for the mind and reduce cognitive changes in the brain that can or are susceptible to dementia later in life. There was a 2013 study that found that during cycling blood flow in the brain increased 28% to 70% in certain areas. Not only that, the benefits of cycling make blood flow in some areas still increase by up to 40 percent even after exercise. Research concludes that we should cycle for 45-60 minutes, four times a week.

  • Improve Sex Ability

This one benefit can help some of the most important muscle groups. One of the physicians Matthew Forsyth, a urologist and cyclist from Portland, Oregon said “All these muscles can be formed while cycling” which is used for sexual intercourse. The better you develop these muscles, the longer sexual intercourse will be. Most of us know that sex is a good thing, but not everyone knows that it’s actually good for overall health too. In fact, regular sex can indeed prolong life.

  • Overcoming Insomnia

If you often experience insomnia then try cycling 20 to 30 minutes a day. It is believed that this can help you overcome insomnia and your sleep time will be faster so that your sleep quality will be better too.

  • Lowering The Risk Of Cancer

Benefits of cycling can also be obtained such as reducing cancer. Studies show that people who have a fit body at an older age will have a lower risk of cancer. Other studies have also shown benefits such as reducing the risk of colon and breast cancer for women.

There are many other benefits that you can get when cycling. Not only the benefits as described above. So get other benefits for each of your bodies.

If you have read it then don’t hesitate to do this cycling activity, there are many health benefits for your body. So there is nothing to lose if starting now to take 20 minutes to exercise.

Health is a guarantee that not everyone can get when they enter old age. This price is very expensive, so you can plant it from now on and get the results in the future.

Thank you for reading this article and hopefully it can help you think better because the price of health cannot be purchased.